Friday, June 2, 2017

Minimoon - Saturday

Saturday fortunately dawned quite overcast. We drove pretty much all the way across LA to hike to the Hollywood sign. We forgot to stop for water to take with us, and we would've been hurting had it not been so cloudy. As it was, we were thirsty, but not dying. We also didn't really have the right shoes - tennis shoes would have been better than our sandals - but again, just a bit of an inconvenience, not a show-stopper. It's hard to know exactly how to pack for some things - I already had four pair of shoes with me for a 3-day trip (hence the term minimoon), and wore all of them (granted, 3 pair were some type of sandal). AND bought another pair while I was there (Rodeo Drive, Baby!). Anyway, being from CO, we thought we had this hike in the bag, but it was a lot like some hikes here, especially the beginning. I usually think of SoCal as pretty flat, but as you can see below, this part of CA is actually quite hilly. The route we took was about 4.5 miles, but there are a lot of trails in Griffith Park, so we could've hiked even further.

However, hiking wasn't what we wanted to spend all day doing. So once down, we headed to the Getty Center for lunch and a gawk at this huge museum. I can't even describe it. Just go sometime.

After a long day on our feet, we drove through Brentwood before heading to dinner. I knew this was a ritzy part of town, too, and Ariel was so fun to watch as he caught glimpses of all the wealth. Sure enough, he didn't disappoint. At one point, at a stoplight, he pointed at the three cars across from us at the light and pointed out that, "There's a million dollars worth of cars right there!"

There really is no way of knowing who these people are that have all this money. Of course, famous people aren't going to announce where they live to anyone. But there is one address in Brentwood you can google, and that's O.J. Simpson's old house (of course, he hasn't lived there in decades, ever since he murdered his ex-wife). So we punched in his old address, just to see where "people like that live." Unfortunately, we found that you really can't see the houses in that area - they're all surrounded by trees, hedges, gates, and walls. We did find it interesting that the house numbers were a little crazy in that area, as they've evidently done away with O.J.'s old house number, so the numbers go up, then way up, then down again. I guess the new owner didn't really want the old number. Can't blame him (he also razed the old O.J. house and built a new one).

For dinner we headed to another restaurant downtown with amazing city views. It was in a cool old building with what seemed like an even older, cooler elevator. Elevators shouldn't move sideways when you're in them. Just sayin.' 

I've never been to a place before where there's a line outside to get in, but Perch was that place. Unique drinks on the rooftop bar (though it was quite chilly this evening), with, as I said, amazing city views. The food was one floor down, and we sat inside due to the chill. Another awesome day.

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