Friday, June 2, 2017

Minimoon - Sunday

Sunday we finally had no clouds rolling in from the ocean, a perfect way to spend our day at the beach. We went to Santa Monica, walked the pier, had brunch at the restaurant at the end of the pier, and rode the Ferris wheel.
We also rented a bike and rode from SM to Venice Beach. Not a far ride at all, and not really pleasant - there were just way too many people out doing the same thing. That's what we get for going on Memorial Day weekend.

Not sure what the flags were about, but they were pretty.

In the evening the love of my life had booked us on a dinner cruise on a yaght. We didn't go far - just up and down the harbor in Marina Del Rey, but it was fun, a beautiful night, and the food was delicious.

Ohhhhh - here's a shot of my new shoes, finally. They are HIGH. Much higher than I normally wear, so they're not walking shoes, but they went excellently with my dress, and I love them!

We had SO much fun!

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