Wednesday, October 23, 2013


 I know, I know - - I don't look a day over 42. That's because as of today I'm actually a week over 42, though these pictures were only 4 days after. Lovely birthday dinner at the Mona Lisa with my man. 

I love: Living in Manitou, living in Colorado, my kids, my man, dancing at Cowboys, carrots, new clothes, hiking, the people in my life, music, reality TV (Yes, still. Sorry. No I'm not). 

I'm blessed because: *I can be active. *If I'm going crazy, it's happening so slowly I can't tell. *I have people in my life that are f.u.n. *I can afford my house, bills, and just a bit extra.

In the next year I want to: *Get back to my "normal" weight, which I haven't been at for at least six months now. *Build a chair for my rooftop patio. *Travel. *Hit the beach. *Be more purposeful about a few aspects of my life. *Find a good doctor (not that I need one, but if I do, I want him/her to be good). *Call my friends more often.

Before I kick the bucket I'd also like to: *Kick the sugar habit (but I think I'm in for a lifetime of struggling with this addiction. Fatalistic, I know). *See more of Morocco (I need more than three days there), Victoria Falls (and a safari while I'm in the area), Japan (my man lived there for six years and it sounds amazing), Venice. *Visit my high school best friend in Canada.

Yes, I'm sure there are a million more things I could add to each list. This was just off the top of my head...

Here's to another trip around the sun...