Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Minimoon - Friday

I don't know much about The Hood, but evidently it's where we were Friday morning.

I was navigating, so it was sort of my fault. But as soon as we got our rental car, he just started driving, and we were hungry (our plane landed in LA at 7:30am, so that's an indication of how early we'd started our day). So I just pulled up a nearby breakfast spot on my phone and started directing.

So not completely my fault.

We pulled off whatever major street (it may have been Sepulveda), into an...area...and the closer we got to the restaurant, the more often he repeated, "Baby, we're in the hood!" He went from, "I just saw a hooker," to "This many bars is a sure sign you're in the hood" (he was talking about bars on windows and doors) to "There's a diaper on the street! We in the hood fo' sho'!" Yep, pretty sure his vernacular changed.

When he asked me what the name of the restaurant was, and I told him Honey Bee's, he almost lost it. Evidently nowhere but The Hood would have a restaurant called Honey Bee's. Now lets be honest. I know nothing about The Hood. I am whiter than white. So when I'm with him, I have to trust what he knows. However, I found this whole thing hilarious. So I just started making fun of the situation by pointing people out and calling them Hood People until he finally started laughing back at me.

We found Honey Bee's, and ate there. The breakfast was excellent (with fried plantains, even!). I wasn't even the only white chick in the joint.

Then we did a complete 180. After breakfast he was so eager to view anything that had to do with money - Hollywood money - that we headed into Hollywood and Beverly Hills. I found it extremely entertaining (he is often my entertainment) how enamored he was with it all. We drove through some neighborhoods (omg! Is this THE Sunset Blvd?). We went window shopping on Rodeo Drive (I did buy a pair of shoes, but left the $5,000 purse I fell in love with, as well as the $2,000 dress he loved on me). He took his picture standing next to a Bugatti while I wondered what all the fuss was about. After he explained it to me, I still didn't care.

After finally checking into our hotel after being in LA almost all day, we ended the day with dinner at a place called Clifton's that my friend Kim recommended. It was unique. Cafeteria-style dining where every item has it's own price. Lots of food and dessert choices. Lots of taxidermy behind glass. Jungle...or forest? Not sure. Delicious mac and cheese. Huge tree with a fireplace inside. Nothing like I've ever experienced before. Hey, isn't that what LA (and vacation, and big cities) is about?!

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