Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Perfection and Magic and Luck

We dropped the boys off at their dad's house, and on the way back to ours he said, "I'm going to take you out to breakfast."

I was giddy. I love doing things with him - anything. And he still has that affect on me.

He parked in the shade, then moved the car to the sun just because I asked.

We ordered, and it was warm enough, even at that time of the morning, to sit outside. A table for two and two berry smoothies, an egg burrito, and a jalapeno bagel egg sandwich, which also included green chili sauce and pepper jack cheese. Delicious.

Our little town started to wake while we sat and talked and ate. There were already a few people strolling down the sidewalk, the shop owner of the shop next door opened and brought out a table of sale items.

It felt very European.

Most of the rest of the day was running errands and last minute preparations, exactly one week away from Our Big Day (though not as last minute as they will soon be), but all I remember was that time at breakfast. It was perfect.

The next day we got up slowly and had coffee (him) and tea (me) on the front porch as the sun began to peek over the neighbor's house.

Then we picked up the boys for Mother's Day and brunch with my parents. They complained for the first 45 minutes about their Papa's house, but this became normal long ago, so we talk about it and I encourage them and they deal with it. I don't mind. They talk to me.

After dropping them back off, the love of my life and I grabbed our rope and headed out to climb a few routes on sandstone. We both needed it. Needed to get out, to exercise, to breathe and touch nature. It was hot. Lovely hot.

Then dinner, then a ride on the motorcycle.

I just could not handle the day, the weekend, coming to an end. It was too perfect. So later than I'm normally awake, I suggested a glass of wine on the porch. He with his red and me with my white ended the day where we'd begun it. The neighborhood was silent as we sipped away together.

It is a perfect example of why I love this life. I've said it before... I love the mundane with him. It doesn't feel mundane. So many moments of my life with him have an air of the magical. I am so, so lucky. 

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