Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Teen Room Makeover

One of Benjamin's gifts this year was a room makeover. Everything in his room was so mismatched, and I thought it was time for that to change, and for his room to have a bit more personality.

He had purchased this chair at a thrift store a few months ago. It was the ugly mauve color you see still on the seat. I bought a few bottles of dye and spent a day dying it - which involved scrubbing the dye into all the cracks and crevices, which is not easy on a chair like this. I liken it to trying to dye a shar pei puppy!

Another thing I did was paint this bookcase, which had been red and orange for probably a decade, to a royal blue.

This is a "before" of the room - although we were already in the process of painting, so it's a mess.

Here's the "after."

We painted the top portion of his walls gray, with a thin black border underneath.

The chair and bookcase, done.

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