Thursday, September 19, 2013


Colorado is enduring once again. After getting a year's worth of rain in a three-day period and experiencing thousand-year flooding, people are starting to clean up and restore. For those up north of Denver, that has a whole new meaning than it does down here, near Colorado Springs. We had flooding, especially in my little bedroom town of Manitou, where large amounts of rain mean lots of debris washing down from the Waldo Canyon burn scar. But the worst thing for me has been not getting home a couple times, or being stopped at roadblocks for half an hour while they decide if they're going to let people into the town. Or, as is the current situation, not able to drink our tap water.

Of course, that is not the situation for everyone in Manitou. The flooding has really affected businesses, and homes have been lost. I'm just fortunate enough to have a safe-and-sound house. Yet Manitou has never been closed off to the world, contrary to how some of the media is making it sound. Businesses have remained open, and need business! I had a friend from California visiting a few weeks ago, and when I asked her if she wanted to meet me in Manitou, she said, in effect, "Manitou is blocked off, underwater, unaccesible." Funny, I'd just driven home...

But there IS a lot of water. And I must say that even for me, a self-confessed water-lover, I have seen enough for quite a while. I feel like the rain's kept me housebound for way to much of the summer, and now it's over and I dread what winter is going to bring.

Here's to trying to remember that without water we cannot have beauty, growth, cleansing, or satiation. 

And listening to this song with a bit of irony.

Here's a short clip of Fountain Creek running under Manitou businesses.

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