Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Changes come with thought. She
always thinks about each one she makes. But
even the best preparation can't be
complete. Once we decide to finally shut
a door, that is when we

Face the consequences
(two or three or more) of what we have just
done. So though the decision is common sense,
(not just a maybe but more of a must),
still, we must then commence

With accepting a new
normal, getting used to doing things a
new way. It's hard to get a bird's-eye view
when you're right in the middle, when each day
introduces new hues.

Sometimes she (still) wonders
how the black and white turned gray. How she let
go of some things, and, like water under
a bridge, watched them  - sad, but without regret -
roll like distant thunder. 

These new aspects of her
Life are blessings. They are desired. She
Chose to allow them in and she is sure.
But getting used to change isn't easy
Even when we concur.

Although it may appear
to be a giving up in some small part,
it is merely a turning of the sphere
that was brought about by a change of heart.
The other hemisphere.

Allowing to the front
what had been hiding, dormant, in the rear.

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