Friday, November 5, 2010

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Have you ever seen something and your immediate visceral reaction to it is, "That belongs with me"? I don't have that reaction too often. If my home and closet were filled with only items I felt that way about, I would be living a minimalist lifestyle indeed (and often wish I were, but alas, I settle far too many times).

However, I am happy to say that this mirror I found is one of those items. I found her while introducing a friend of mine to my favorite thrift store about a month ago. It was the first time in our five years of knowing each other that we'd been shopping together (usually I'm a hunt-and-kill kind of girl, which leaves little room for shopping with a sidekick) and the first time she'd been to this store. We had already walked through the furniture section - where nothing of significance caught my eye, the clothing section - where things rarely jump off the rack at me and this time was no different, the kitchen section that usually brushes me off like a bad friend, and the knick-knack section - which is always hit-or-miss for me. Although this day it wasn't really either. I'd picked up just one item, a small orange vase.

But then we got to the picture/frame section and this Square of Exquisiteness was just sitting there, looking all dressed up with no one to go home with.

I literally gasped aloud. Then, "Look at that mirror!" I whispered in hushed tones to my girlfriend, hoping no one within earshot would hear and come rushing over, wondering what item they had missed that was creating such a fuss.

Who discarded you?!!? I asked incredulously. Then, Don't fret, I told her as I gently picked her up to put her in my cart. Although I don't know where yet, I will make room for you somewhere in my house. And then I almost dropped her. Holy cow, she was heavy! But I didn't say anything. You never mention a woman's weight.
So I brought her home and treated her with the respect she deserved but certainly wasn't getting by being mercilessly dropped off at the thrift store and then having to wait in the midst of all those plastic frames, bad art, and corny sayings for me to come rescue her.

As I turned her over to clean her up I found that she was as sensible as she was beautiful. Three tiny screws in each side came out easily, allowing me to remove the back and slide the mirror out. I cleaned her up so she could shine like she was meant to, then hung her in my bedroom. And when I see her, I look at her much more often than I look at myself, which is a mark of true regard.
I must also mention that I love all things ethnic. Be it any type of souvenir, clothing, decor, food, or music, if it's from another culture, it's got my attention and adoration, even if it doesn't come home with me. When I took the mirror out to give it a good cleaning, there was a company name written on the back. I googled the name, and found out that it is an eco-friendly mirror company based in India. Ah-ha! That explained much of my instant love affair with this beauty. Also explains her weight - we don't make much like that in America any more. And with the closer look that information afforded, it explained her swirling leaves and carved flowers as well.

The last part of the story goes like this: I brought her home and my sons (who are currently 9 and 5), were thrilled with the idea (can you guess whose it was?) that they could pay me for it and have it be my birthday present from them. Then they could feel like they'd gotten me something without actually having to go shopping and I would actually get something I like for my birthday rather than plastic rings or another mother book (not that one or two are unwelcome, but after that...). So they chipped in an equal amount and paid me the meager $10 I'd gladly handed to the cashier to save this fancy lady from the ennui she was experiencing in the company of all those items of ill repute. Big Brother even insisted on wrapping her for me, despite her weight (which he didn't mention either, smart boy), although, like a balloon-adorned bathrobe, it didn't do her any favors.

So now there she hangs, lovely and loved once again. Although she is still - unfortunately - surrounded by inferiors. But that will change when, once again, the right things cry out to me, "I belong with you! And I'd look gorgeous gracing either side of that Square of Exquisiteness."

~The End~


  1. What a cute blog and a wonderful story!! How fun. I have the same love for all-things-ethnic and loooove the frame. God bless you and your family. :)

  2. Thanks, Stace! Glad you looooove the frame, too! I had fun telling her story. God bless you and yours as well.