Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ouray 2015

We just spent three days ice climbing in Ouray with the group I've gone with for three years in a row now. The main group has been going together for six years, always with a few different people along each year.

On Saturday we climbed in an area of the park called South Park. The climbing was good, but there was a huge group of people in there who had most of the lines, and climbing around a couple dozen people in a group isn't that much fun. I got four climbs in that day. I'd hoped for more like six, which could have happened, but everyone else decided to pull the lines earlier than I would have. (Stop climbing at 2:30? Who does that!?) ;-)

On Sunday we climbed in an area called Pic o' the Vic. Much longer, harder routes than the day before. You can see how long the route is below - I put arrows on the route that was definitely the most challenging (and therefore most satisfying) that day.

The last time I climbed in this area was four years ago, and I got injured, so this was a little scary for me at first. But I got over it quickly. I don't currently have any pictures of me on that route (which was my first of the day), but here are a few of Ariel on it:

But here are a few of me on the line next to it and then another route on another side of the wall:

This is a shot of Ariel's first climb of the day, which pretty much wore him out. It was his first time climbing something so long and steep. Most of the climbs in this area are WI4s.

Other random pix of the weekend:

We had two condos rented this year. We usually eat breakfast as individual condos, lunches are whenever we want to eat during the day - people usually pack a lunch into the canyon - and then all of us eat dinner together. This is a shot of most of the guys and one of the ladies - there were four women and eight guys this year.

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