Saturday, January 3, 2015

Stenciled Headboard

A couple months ago, I took this picture of my bedroom. Two things jumped out at me. One, I needed a bedskirt. Two, the room needed something a bit more visually appealing. It felt too sterile. Originally I was thinking about adding some color, so I painted a nightstand really royal blue with the intention of doing them both, then adding some color on the wall. I'm now in the process of repainting that nightstand, because the color on the wall turned into a headboard in - yep - neutral colors.

So even though not much has been added in the way of a color palette, there is definitely more of a visually interesting focal point in the room now.

I used Kim Myles' Indian Inlay stencil for all but the bottom middle two squares (get your own stencils at and was inspired by this photo (from

On a completely unrelated note, I was also noticing recently how my children's creative spirit sometimes clashes with my decor. Not that I mind, though. They'll be gone too soon, and these funny things will disappear along with them.

My necklace holder...
 With a green twist-tie dude hanging on by his toes.

My Asian bamboo tray...
 featuring a weird clay alien thing.

My bookcase...
 With a green worm-snake-dinosaur crawling along the top.

Kitchen cabinets...
 With a Valentine's Day love note taped on.

And finally, a starburst mirror...
 with a green zombie guy hanging on for dear life.

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