Sunday, November 24, 2013


We took a hike two weekends ago. Already two weeks ago. Sometimes I don't know where the time goes.

I wanted to get up to the Crags before the snowfall made it impossible until spring. With all the snow the mountains have had lately, it's possible that's become a reality already. 

Neither of the boys wanted to go. This is typical. But once they get outdoors they have so much fun. The oldest even thanked me three or four times for making him go.

There were places on the hike that were snow-covered, but for the most part it was a dry hike.

His comment was, "Look, they have snacks!" 

I will never dissuade my boys from climbing on any rock ever. 

His walking stick was taller than he is. 

We had lunch at the top, and once again fed our bread to the birds (just like A and I did here). These birds weren't as brave as the ones at Pancake Rocks - they wouldn't land on our hands - but they still came for the food. 

The oldest was taking pictures of us. At this point he said, "Let me see some romance now. Move me." We both cracked up.

This is NOT the way to help your brother into a tree....

It was a lovely day. 

Lesson Learned (from the kids' pov): If you let complaining keep you from something, that may just be the day you miss beautiful weather, birds eating from your hand, and nature's "snacks."

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