Wednesday, July 3, 2013


 Naturally, a few things came home with Benjamin and I from our trip to Spain and Morroco.

Rocks and shells came home in abundance. Benjamin collected most of them and I lugged them home in the suitcase. They are now adorning various places in the house and outside.

 I bought a pair of earrings (my first in YEARS) and a necklace in Toledo. Both, however, are of Arabic design, not Spanish. It has prompted me to buy a few more pair back here at home, and I'm trying to get back into wearing them...

A couple cards I purchased in Asilah.  Need to frame and hang them.

This throw with gold thread I bought in Chefchouen. It is currently covering a large pillow on my bed.

A handmade mirror frame from Chefchouen. Miraculously, the mirror made it back in one piece.

The tile on the red table came from a tile shop in Chefchouen. The smaller decorations on the fence posts are from Toledo, but sure look Moroccan, don't they? That's because everything in Toledo is either of Spanish or Arabic design. Those happen to be magnets I found in a little souvenir shop. I attached small metal squares to the posts, and stuck the magnets right on.

Four other tiles I bought in Chefchouen. Using them as coasters on the rooftop patio.  The little Aladdin's lamp came from there as well.

I really wanted an authentic Moroccan pouf. Had no idea they were made of camel skin... 

I got this blanket in Asilah for a steal. The guy originally wanted 320 Dirham for it, but, being our last day in Morocco, I only had 150. He finally caved. 

Ever country I visit I buy a doll in native dress. This little Spanish flamenco dancer and camel dude join dolls from Moldova, Russia, Mexico, Turkey, Germany/Austria, Egypt, and India. Just realizing I never bought dolls in Slovakia or Hungary eons ago. Oh well.
Now I just need somewhere to display them all...

Benjamin bought quite a few things, too. I gave him $100 at the beginning of the trip and he did really well with it. I don't remember everything he got, or know where it all is anymore, but here are a few things:

A dagger from Toledo. He bought two or three. Toledo is known for it's steel, and they make swords and daggers for many films (all the Lord of the Rings movies, for example).  This one he paid 6 Euro for - he couldn't believe something THIS COOL was THAT CHEAP! Six Euro is about $9.00.

 He bought two or three glass bottles. Those had been on his list since before we left.

And he found this instrument in Asilah. Guess who got to carry the thing back in her (very large) purse so it wouldn't break? Yeah, a mother's love...

Fun stuff!

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