Tuesday, April 16, 2013

All Decked Out


This is one of those rare blog posts that I will be updating for a while. Progress is being made on the rooftop deck!

About seventeen feet long and just shy of five feet wide, it is not the best size, but it is one of the best parts of the house. 

The above and below photos are the true "before."  

I was dying to cut the section of fence off that was up against the house. That gained me about two feet under the eaves. It drastically enlarges the space visually, if not so much physically. Also cut down was the pipe. It's now much shorter and will be creatively covered... (stay tuned)...

There are a lot of benefits to having a friend that used to own his own construction company. One of them is that he knows what to look for at the lumber store. He originally told me a certain (*cough* higher than I was hoping for) price for the cedar, but when he got there a new-ish product was out - same quality but about half the price (insert happy dance here).

This is the deck now, over half done. The supports are almost all done (just a small frame that needs to go under the eaves), so the rest won't take long. 

Update #1 - April 21:
Construction is done!

May 12 - It's been done for a couple weeks now, and other than needing a couple more cushions, it's done. If the weather would would just start cooperating! It had better soon - first party is planned for next weekend!.

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How'd I do on decor? 

Below are a few inspiration pictures for decor once I reach that stage. I'm thinking I'll go with a Moroccan theme. It doesn't necessarily fit the rest of the house (which is more beach-y, if I had to assign it a theme), but I'm in love with Moroccan decor.

I like the color and bed idea in this one, but especially the greenery. I'll most likely put all my potted plants up there, because it gets more sun than anywhere else around the house. 

This one - love the colorful outdoor rug. Don't know that I'll be able to find anything like it, though.

I have always loved lanterns like this. It takes much willpower for me to walk past them in the stores. Now I won't have to. Except I'll probably go with much smaller ones, since there are no high places for me to hang any from. 

This has always been my favorite Moroccan patio. It's Kim's design, of course. I love the blue draped fabric, and plan to do something like that under the eaves. I've also been in love with those string curtains (which she cut the arches out of) since the first time I saw this episode on HGTV, but again, nowhere to hang them from.  Don't know what else I'll adopt from this space, but I'm thinking possibly the punched metal with quatrefoils which she did in this space (you can't really see them (on the right) unless you really know what you're looking for).

Alright, check back in a week or so...hopefully the weather will cooperate enough between now and then that we can get it done so I can get some more pix up.

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