Sunday, September 30, 2012

One Year

One year ago today I arrived in Colorado. 

One year ago today I started getting back to where I was supposed to be, in more ways than one. 

And in that year, here are just a few highlights.

I took a 4-day ice climbing trip to Ouray. 

I started outdoor rock climbing (after years of doing it indoors). I've climbed approximately 100 routes since February. I've climbed in Eldorado Canyon, Boulder Canyon, Clear Creak Canyon, a couple places near Estes Park, Cheyenne Canyon, the Garden of the Gods, Eleven Mile Canyon (still my favorite), Golden Gate State Park, Devil's Head, Turkey Rocks, and Shelf Road. I took a 5-day climbing trip around Colorado this past summer.

Three of my closest friends from Texas came to visit me. Stephanie and Janet in July. Chrissy left yesterday.

I got to see my BFF from high school this summer, for about 5 hours. Such a short amount of time, we didn't even take a picture. This one from a couple summers ago will have to do. 
Speaking of high school - I've reconnected with some other "old" friends...

I jumped out of an airplane...  

I've hiked about 150 miles. I recorded only 139 of those, but there have been hikes in and out of climbing places, so I'm estimating. 
Longest hike: 23 miles to the Bottomless Pit with Brent this past summer. 
(Tho this is at Pancake Rocks).

I just want to say, I've loved my first year back "home." 
But I also want to keep it real. I hear complaints occasionally that Facebook is a place where everyone puts on their best face, shows only what they want people to see.
I see it a little bit differently.
I spend a lot of time focusing on the good in my life, because I don't see the point in focusing on the bad. There has been plenty of that. I HATED my first two jobs here. Getting up every day was a mind-numbing, soul-draining chore. I missed the boys' first day of school this year because I had to work. Even now, I am rarely home to see them off to school. I had $6 in my bank account last time I got paid. I need to repair a bunch of stuff on my van.

See what I mean? But why dwell on that stuff? Although I know some people that do. In a one-week period this month I had two people pretty much unable to hold a conversation with me because they couldn't think of anything positive to say about their lives.

So I'll keep focusing on the positives, thankyouverymuch.
Just give me blue skies... 

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