Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Weekend

Many factors drive decisions.
Lately it's been the heat.
The heat has been SO hot.
We tend to escape to higher climes
where the heat is slightly cooler.

On Saturday we had no choice.
It was not the heat that decided our destination -
It was prior commitments.

The heat was on its way
When we set out to climb,
But it had not yet warmed our little corner of the world.
So we began on Potholes to warm up, both for the rest of the climbs at hand as well as temperature-wise.
Then on to Montezuma's Tower, now feeling the heat of the sun.

This tall sliver of sandstone
So thin you can straddle it in a lot of places.
Exposure to wind is high,
Although this morning was fairly calm. 

Rope management on the top of Montezuma's. 

On Sunday my dad and I had breakfast together
Then took off on his Harley.
(I love that machine).
The heat drove us west -

Up into the mountains.
One hundred seventy miles
Manitou - Woodland Park - Florissant - Guffey - Cripple Creek and
Back through Woodland to Manitou.

Cooler, but not cool.
But cool enough to enjoy the back of a bike
for four hours.

I think this may have been the first
Father's Day ever
When it was just me and my dad.

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